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Why Wearing Clip-On Sunglasses Beats Prescription Sunglasses

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Prescription glasses and readers are great for indoors. Once you head outside, it all changes. The bright rays of the sun blind you and make even simple tasks difficult.

When it comes to outdoor protection for reader or prescription glasses wearers, you’ve only got two choices: clip-on sunglasses or prescriptions sunglasses. Why bother with prescription sunglasses? It’s an unnecessary hassle and let’s faces it; you’re going to lose them.

Clip-on sunglasses are the best way to deal with the damaging rays of sunlight whether you’re reading your favorite book on the beach or driving down the road.

Clip-ons Cost Less

The vast majority of people aren’t overflowing with money. They’re living day to day and squirreling a little away for retirement, emergencies, etc. They’re looking for ways to save money.

Prescriptions sunglasses can be expensive. They can cost a hundred dollars or more depending on the frames and lenses. That’s a lot of money for something you’re only going to wear occasionally. Think about how often you’re going to wear them and how you’re going to store them.

Odds are you don’t have multiple pairs because of the cost. There will be times you need them, but forgot them in the car or don’t have them on you.

Clip-on sunglasses and readers are more cost-effective. You can easily buy multiple pairs, so you can leave one in the car and in your purse.

Clip-on Sunglasses Are Easier To Use

Prescription sunglasses are great until you go from the outside into a building. Suddenly your vision is cloaked in darkness and either you fumble for your glasses and put away the prescription or you take the prescription sunglasses off and live with a blurry world.

Clip-on sunglasses are just easier to use. You never take your original glasses off, so there’s no fumbling through your bag or purse looking for them every time you enter a building. You just take them off and put them away. No fuss, no muss.

There are several varieties of flip-up sunglasses as well. You don’t have to take these off when you enter a building. You just flip them up and have bright, clear vision. When you leave, you just flip them down.

It’s a fast-paced world and you don’t have the time to fumble for your glasses every time you go from the car to a store. Keep your glasses on with clip-on sunglasses.

Clip-ons Offer Same Protections

Why spend so much money on prescription sunglasses when you can the same protection at a fraction of the price with clip-on sunglasses. You receive the same protection from ultraviolet light, polarization, and glare with clip-on sunglasses.

Your regular glasses provide some protection from harmful UV rays but do little for glare and other issues. Prescription sunglasses are unwieldy, expensive and offer the same protection as clip-on.

They’re also scratch resistant and durable. You can take them anywhere and not worry about them breaking. Even if they did, they’re so inexpensive that you can buy several pairs. You hold prescription sunglasses with kid gloves because if they scratch or break, then it’s a major expense.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Eye Needs has a wide selection of clip-on sunglasses for every need. Standard glasses for general outdoor and several designed for driving in the day and night.

What’s your taste? Round. Oblong. Yellow. Amber. We have every type available to fit any style. You don’t have to get clip-on sunglasses that clash with your glasses. There’s something at Eye Needs for everyone.

Check out the best way to measure your glasses for clip-ons here.

It’s the Perfect Time for Clip-ons

As the winter temperatures recede and the sun warms up the world, people venture outside more and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re heading to the store to pick up groceries or going for 8-hour hike at a park, you need protection from the sun.

You don’t think twice about grabbing the sunscreen and protecting your skin, but your eyes can be damaged as well. Clip-on sunglasses offer just as much protection as prescription sunglasses without the price.

If you’re interested in learning more about clip-on sunglasses, then check out our selection. You’ll find the perfect pair, we know it. 

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