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​Benefits of Wearing Computer Glasses

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Benefits of Wearing Computer Glasses

Our Customers are expressing their needs for eye-wear, and we are listening. Besides the need for readers, they are concerned about what the affects long term computer use is having on their eyes. Many are feeling the eye strain and stress from the Computer's violet and blue light. The problem is called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome: Headaches, tired, burning, watering, itching and dry eyes, double and blurred vision, bloodshot, sore, and irritated eyes.

A product that we have found and are now selling in our store are Computer Reading Glasses. These aid and give significant relief to the problems caused by CVS.The Newest Computer Readers that we are carrying come with a Melanin and Anti Reflective Coating.

What is Melanin? It is a pigment that gives our hair, skin and eyes color.Nature uses Melanin to protect our tissue from sunlight damage. Melanin in the eyes reduces the risk of age-related macula degeneration.

What are the benefits of Melanin coated glasses? 

  • It filters out all the UV which reduces the risks of cataracts to the ocular lens.
  •  It reduces the amount of high energy visible light (violet and blue), thereby reducing the risks of macula degeneration to the retina.
  • Enhances true color perception, reducing the violet and blue light.
  • Most importantly Melanin reduces eyestrain and relaxes your eyes.
  • You will notice the eye comfort as soon as you start wearing them.

Our latest style computer reading glasses does not only help with reducing the symptoms from Computer Vision Syndrome but they are so light weight, made out of Stainless Steel, you do not even know your wearing glasses. This new Stainless Steel Computer Readers are Rimless and come with the new lock- nut technology to prevent lenses from loosening. They are made for long term use. Check out all of our Computer styles in store.

View our New Stainless steel Computer Readers our Customers have fallen in love with.