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Polorized Sunglasses

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Polarized Sunglasses

It’s about 6 o’ clock in the evening and you’re on your way home from a long day at work, you’re wondering what your going to eat for dinner as you let the driver besides you cut you off. You try to keep it cool but what seems to bother you the most, not the bumper to bumper traffic, or that rude guy who just cut you off but that annoying glare coming in from your window. It’s actually really blinding and making it difficult to see. Then you just wish you had brought your sunglasses with you. But little do some know that regular old sunglasses will not do the job but, Polarized Sunglasses will.

How it works

Light rays from the sun travel in all directions but, when reflecting off a flat, shiny surface, the light waves become polarized and align in a side-to-side, horizontal directions. The result is a blinding glare.

Sunglasses only reduce the amount of light entering the eye. They do not block glare. Polarized glasses block glare and allow only useful vertical light and you can see much more clearly.

Glare makes it very difficult and uncomfortable to see and can cause eye strain. It also distorts the true color of objects which makes them harder to distinguish

With Polarized Sunglasses you can get glare free vision, more natural colors.

Without Polarized SunglassesWith Polarized Sunglasses

Glare also causes a mirror effect on water as a polarized lenses will eliminate glare in the water. It reduces eye strain and you will be able to see down below the surface of the water.

Because polarized sunglasses block the glare off the surface. They are popular with snow sports enthusiasts, fishing, sailing, boating, water sports enthusiast, runners, cyclists and drivers. Polorized sunglasses:

Improves visual comfort

Improves contrast and visual clarity

Reduces eyestrain

Allows for true perception of colors

Reduces reflections and eliminates glare

Health Benefits

That glare can be very damaging and can increase your risk of developing eye diseases like cataracts. In addition, not wear sunglasses causes you to squint, resulting in premature crow’s feet. These protective lenses block 100% of all UV (UVA, UVB, UVC) exposure.

UV eye damage is something that is cumulative over a lifetime. It is important to make wearing sunglasses a habit early in life. So wearing Polarized Sunglasses can damage if worn early in years of youth.

Protecting your eyes from the sun begins with picking the right pair of sunglasses.

Where to get good qulity Polorized Sunglasses

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