Over Glasses Polarized Sunglasses Black/Gold Mirrored Lenses #2865 (Med)

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These Fit Over Sunglasses are designed to fit over small to medium frames.  Can also be worn as a regular sunglasses.

Lenses are gold & blue mirrored polarized to protect from glare and 100% UVA & UVB 

Framescome in translucent black, Red, Blue & orange.

Use the Measuring Tips for find your correct size: Your frames should measure a little smaller than the size below.

Approximate Size of Frame: Width: 6 inches....Height: 2 inches.... Lenses: 2 1/2 Horizontal...1 3/4 vertical

Comes with a Micro-Fiber Pouch to store and clean.

No need for an extra set of prescription glasses for outdoors. Just put these over your prescription frames and thats all you will need.