How to Measure your Frames for ClipOns Sunglasses

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1.Measure your frames for width from one side of lenses to the other side of lenses in inches.

2.Measure the width and height of lenses. (Include the outside of the frame around the lenses as part of your measurements.)

3.Follow instructions on diagrams in pictures.

We will give measurements of Clip-Ons in inches for your convenience.

You can adjust the side clips with a needle nose pliers if necessary.

Your frames should measure just a little smaller than the measurements given for the

Clip-ons you select. (Measurement on clip-ons provided in the description in inches)

Please enlarge the pictures of the clip-ons you are interested in purchasing to examine the shape.

The Clip-Ons are returnable. Please send back with all stickers on the lenses and exactly as you have received.

Do a careful measurement of your frames and read carefully the measurements provided for the clip ons of your choice to prevent having to return them.

****If you are having trouble selecting clip-ons, you can email us with the measurements of your frame in inches and shape. Measure also the lenses the height and width in inches. You can also take a picture of your glasses with all the measurements and attach to your email. We will try to figure which may be best and email you back. Please also provide us with your phone number.  email us at:  

Or call us at: 609 731 4281